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Yard Debris Removal | Junk And Trash Removal

Yard Debris Removal | Junk And Trash Removal

Yard debris removal is one of those services that you don’t know you need until the yard debris container is completely over filled and you still haven’t put a dent in the large pile you left in the yard.  The process of removing your yard debris seems simple enough when you are taking your hedge clippers to the over grown bushes or the palm tree that you have let go, but then comes the removal of the yard debris part that we often under estimate.  So, short of overloading your pick up truck or ruining the inside of your beautiful SUV with all the yard debris, you may start searching for a company to remove the yard debris for you.  The Pick Up Artist Junk and Trash Removal is just that company.  Our junk and trash removal company will come in with our dump trailer and remove all the yard debris, clean the area and leave you with no stress of how to get rid of all the yard debris.


Yard debris removal for our junk removal team is simple enough.  To give you and idea of what yard debris removal may cost you, we have four different price points.  Our minimum junk and trash removal starts at $100 and goes up from there.  The price of the yard debris removal is based on the size of the load.  To give you an idea of what size we go by we use the ‘pickup truck’ analogy as it gives our customers and illustrative example to use when trying to qualify their load size.  One pickup truck load of yard debris is about 1/4 of our dump trailer and classifies the minimum price point.  As you go up in size the price of the yard debris removal goes up with it.  All labor is included in our yard debris removal.  The same goes for our junk and trash removal prices.


If you need a free junk and trash removal quote give The Pick Up Artist Junk and Trash Removal team a call.  Don’t let the junk and trash give you stress.  In minutes we will have all the junk and trash loaded and hauled away for you!

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