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Junk Removal Trailer

Junk Removal Trailer

Our junk removal dump trailer has been put to work recently on a multitude of junk removal jobs in the Las Vegas area. We have loaded old furniture in the junk removal trailer which included couches, message chairs, patio furniture and just about any old furniture you could imagine. Some of the old furniture went to the donation center while most went to the Las Vegas transfer center for dumping. That isn’t all we hauled away recently, we have loaded everything in the junk removal trailer from mattresses, hot tubs and old appliances. We don’t just haul away trash but a massive amount of junk. Our junk removal trailer is 10 cubic yards however we often go over the top and have about 12 cubic yards of junk to take to the Las Vegas Transfer center.

Once we arrive at the Las Vegas transfer center and pay our dump fees we then back into a spot for dumping. The junk removal trailer is equipped with a hydraulic system that lifts the trailer on one end dumping all the unwanted junk and trash out. We only load the junk removal trailer, the dumping is the easy part. Open two doors on the back of the junk removal trailer and then at a push of a button it begins its rise and the easy off loading of all the junk, trash, old furniture, appliances, hot tubs, yard debris, construction debris and about any other junk you could imagine. We have done big jobs that take more then two full loads in the junk removal trailer and we have done small jobs the require almost no space at all.

If you need a free junk removal estimate then call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas today. We also can at most time provide same day junk removal service. Our junk removal trailers are always ready to to work for you.

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