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Junk Removal Trailer Demo

Junk Removal Trailer Demo

A commercial business called to inquire on how to remove a 5th wheel trailer from the property that they owned and were currently running the business from. The company was an assisted living quarters and they had this trailer on the property that had been sitting for years. The city of North Las Vegas was going to start levying fines on the company if not moved. The trailer was very old and not in good shape. Nobody wanted the trailer even for free! After going through all the options that we could help the company with it came down to a major demo project. Together we had decided that we had to demo the trailer and scrape it in pieces, taking it to the local transfer facility and disposing of it. The commercial company hired us to perform the job for them and scheduled us immediately to avoid being fined by the city of North Las Vegas.

Our junk removal teams arrived and even know the job looked impossible we went to work. Using reciprocating saws, circular saws and a sledge hammer we started cutting the roof and the walls in five foot sections and hammering them out. In sections we were able to tear down the trailer. Some of the things making the job difficult were the cabinets, moldings and the bathroom on the interior. Once the walls were down we began cutting the floor of in sections fighting with the vinyl floor. With the trailer dismantled the only thing left was the metal frame the trailer was built on. Blow torches took care of this job. Piece by piece the metal frame of the trailer came apart. The whole task of demoing the trailer took three days of hard work.

Our junk removal team has done about everything but the trailer demo was the first. Add that to the list of junk removal jobs completed! If you have a junk removal job that you need completed call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas. Our junk removal team is here to answer all of your questions and provide free junk removal estimates.

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