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Jacuzzi Removal | Las Vegas

Jacuzzi Removal | Las Vegas

Do you have a jacuzzi in your yard that no one is using, or hasn’t had water in it for years? Do you have things growing in your jacuzzi and a science project has begun in your yard? If you are looking to remove your old, worn out or beat up jacuzzi and you have no idea how to get this done. This blog should help you get that eyesore removed. Removing your jacuzzi could be an overwhelming job if you don’t have the proper tools in your garage.

When removing your jacuzzi from your yard always remember safety first. Always have gloves, safety glasses and the proper clothing to protect you from the jacuzzi’s sharp edges when you begin. Remember to go to your breaker box and cut the power to the jacuzzi. After that you may begin.

The first thing is to cut the electrical wires that hook into the jacuzzi junction box, cap those wires off and store them in a new electrical box. There are really two kinds of jacuzzi’s that you will have to remove, one that is above ground in its own portable box and of course the treacherous ones that were buried in the ground because you thought you would use that jacuzzi forever.

If the jacuzzi is the above ground kind, you can get all the neighbors and tilt it on its side placing it on a furniture dolly and wheel it right out of the yard if you have the proper exit. If you don’t have an exit from the yard the jacuzzi was originally craned over the wall or house which would be the other option. If it is buried you will have to dig around the jacuzzi to get space, take out your saw saw with a demolition blade on it and cut the jacuzzi in pieces which you can then carry out to whatever you going to haul it away with and take it to the dump site.

Of course when taking the jacuzzi out it doesn’t necessarily work in the best case scenario every time. If you feel this job is to much you can call The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas. We provide free estimates and once we agree you sit back and stay safe while our team dismantles that problem for you. Call now 702-600-6994 for your free no hassle estimate and let us do the heavy work.

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