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Furniture Removal | Las Vegas

Furniture Removal | Las Vegas

This past weekend we did a job for one of our returning customers. She is a real estate agent that hires us for jobs on a regular basis. This time she called in she told us that there was a property with a lot of furniture sitting outside one of her Las Vegas properties. The previous tenants had been evicted and all the furniture was put outside and needed to be removed from the property. When our uniformed crew arrived, they were able to back the trailer up pretty close to the pile of junk and they began the furniture removal process.

First thing was first and they started out by putting the big furniture items in the trailer first. There were a couple of dressers, a bed and a couch and an entertainment center, that were loaded up in the back of the trailer and a few boxes were stacked on top of them. The crew was packing everything in so tight to make sure they grabbed everything in one single load to save our customer money.

Next they went for the very large  television. This thing was enormous and heavy, it was at least three feet tall and three feet wide. The crew put the ramp down for this one and hauled it into the trailer with the hand truck. The hand truck is one of our most used tools because it helps us get heavy objects in the trailer easily by walking it up a ramp that is connected to the rear end of our trailer. After getting this giant T.V. in, there were a couple of appliances that we picked up and placed inside of the trailer.

From here there was just random items left. A couple of appliances such as a microwave was hauled off and other sorts of junk. After the crew was done loading up the trailer with everything, they made a pit stop at the local donation drop off center. The T.V. was in working condition, along with the appliances that got donated along with a few other things. If you or someone ever needs our company to remove furniture in Las Vegas or any of the out lining areas, give The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal in Las Vegas a call for your free estimate!

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